About Us

About us: At Webprowriters, we believe good content is more than just perfect grammar or a good outline.  We aim for results.

Webprowriters was conceptualized by a certified SEO professional. Knowing what goes into a good on-page SEO, she thus wrote optimized content for clients.

She would turn a dead, no-traffic article written by another, into high-performing content, such as below:

About Us : Google Analytics certified results

Before and after Google Analytics results after a rewrite

Because of the favorable results that clients were getting, there was an increasing demand for more articles. Thus, the concept of teaching other writers the concept of SEO writing was born.

The SEO Writing Training

For almost a year before Webprowriters went live, there were consistent, bits and pieces of training of aspiring writers online. This included the use of headers, writing metas, anchor texts, latent semantic keywords, optimizing images and videos, as well as writing with the readers in mind.

We are also mindful of writing for the location of the audience. Is it American English? Canadian, UK/Australian English?

The training not only involved writing blog articles, but also the different content types, such as homepages, service pages, product reviews, and more.

Soon, the new SEO writers were also starting to get results for the clients. Training continues as updates and algorithms surface.

WordPress-Savvy Writers

We are well aware that the majority of websites use WordPress. Thus, aside from training on SEO writing, the training involved familiarity with WordPress to empower the writers to upload content for the busy client.

More About Us

Our aim is more than just to produce good quality content for clients. This project also aims to empower productivity and give hope to those who need such flexible working opportunities.

We want to give hope and opportunities to those who need it the most. With this in mind, we trained writers who are self-supporting students, work-from-home moms, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), and those who need flexible work set-ups.

We encourage aspiring writers to join our team, we want equal opportunities to as many as possible.