Some of our portfolio regarding SEO-Content

Our Portfolio of SEO Content

This portfolio is just a preview of the countless high-performing content we have published.  SEO Content is more than just perfect grammar or the right outline and organized article structure – nearly everybody does that!

Ultimately, it is the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that matter.

We are displaying different proofs based on the following KPIs:

  1. Keywords Indexed per content
  2. Google Analytics results
  3. Keyword Ranking/Positioning
  4. Featured Snippets and #1 Ranking

Portfolio of Articles and their Google-Indexed Keyword Count

Are you sure that your content has good keyword count performance?

seo content writers

This piece of content has 12 Featured Snippets as of this publishing.

This piece of content has 1052 keywords on the first page of Google.

seo content writing with results

This article previously had 16 keywords, we rewrote the article and now it has  926 keywords (and counting) indexed in Google!

hig performing seo content

This new article has  117 indexed keywords within two days after publishing.

seo content writer

The gallery page used to not have any text content, just images. After we added descriptions, that gallery page now has 137 indexed keywords.


seo content writing results

We rewrote this article, from 42 keywords, after our rewrite it now has 333 indexed keywords and counting!  And wait till you see the keyword position of this URL (screenshot below)

seo content writers

New article published and indexed for 271 keywords in Google.

seo content writers

Fresh content: 193 keywords indexed and 8 backlinks gained.


Portfolio of Keyword Ranking Improvement

portfolio - keyword ranking by seo writer

This article went from zero to 59 keywords on page 1, with 13 on top three positions.

keyword rank improvement to first page with seo writing

Another optimized content: from zero to 50 keywords on the first page with 2 on top positions

how to improve keyword ranking with seo writing

A rewritten article that went from zero to 12 keywords on the first page

Portfolio of Google Analytics Results

Google Analytics is the ultimate test of content performance. Does your content get organic traffic?

portfolio : Traffic significantly increased after rewriting

This is the Analytics of an article that was previously on page 3. After rewriting it started getting traffic and has several keywords now on page 1.

Google Analytics traffic improvement with SEO writing

This is the Analytics of an article that was previously on page 2. After rewriting it started getting traffic and has several keywords now on page 1.

Traffic improvement with SEO writing

The orange line was the traffic before the rewrite – almost a flatline. Notice the organic traffic from zero to 255 page views, a 3828% increase!

And here is another one. The client asked us to rewrite an article that, while high-quality, is not optimized for search engines. Notice the before and after – a 3969% increase!

SEO content

Portfolio of Featured Snippets and #1 Ranking

A Featured Snippet is the new rank #1 and is actually called rank zero. But it is not easy to get as it has some “requirements”. You cannot just jump from out of the 10th page to a Featured Snippet. Here are just a few of the ones we captured.

Featured Snippet Portfolio

“pog army” Featured Snippet

Featured snippet / hire writer

“which military branch” Featured Snippet


featured snipper by seo writer

“how to start with alidropship” Featured Snippet

featured snippet of a top SEO writer

“what are pogs military” Featured Snippet


It is not enough that the piece of content has no grammar errors, nor just the right structure. At WebProWriters, we write for the readers and optimize for search engines.

We know the SEO writing rules while keeping the readers in mind too. Doing it right will eventually show in the performance  – check the profiles of our writers and order content now!

A few final notes:

While clients usually give the word count, content performs best when the client lets us decide on the length of the content, because we check which competing articles are we up against.

Your site must have technical onsite SEO to ensure that search engine bots can indeed crawl your webpages. No matter how great your content is, if the search engine crawlers are blocked, then your content cannot be indexed by search engines. Consult our SEO professional if you need SEO services.