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SEO Monthly Retainer – Check our portfolio! SEO retainer includes the following

  • Our exclusive competitors’ analysis (quarterly)
  • Monthly website audit ( monitoring and fixing of issues that are SEO-related)
  • On-page optimization
  • Content planning and strategy
  • Onsite optimization

Content Gap – With a content gap report, we extract the content audit of your competitors to know what keywords they are indexed for and the exact webpage that is ranking for that keyword. We then do the same for your site, then compare all data in one file. From there you will see which keywords/topics you need.

This works both for new and old sites, but especially for owners with old sites that have a lot of content already and do not know what content they need to write about.

This content gap report can help you plan your content for weeks, even months to come. Hence a content gap report is recommended every month or more.

Content Template – Based on your keyword, this content template will tell you how many words should your content be based on the top 10 rivals. It also tells the recommended words to use, where to acquire backlinks, and more.

Viral Competitors – You want to know which content became popular and went viral. From there you can inspect the competitor’s content to help guide you in content strategy.

Basic Technical Onsite SEO for WordPress – Although not directly related to content planning, every site should have an onsite SEO set up. This includes setting up the robots file, the Google Search Console set up, and Google Analytics set up. These tasks will help in indexing your pages faster and also let you see how your webpages are performing.

Website Audit – This is important because no matter how many times you post, or how good your content is, if there are some problems with Google crawling your site, then your content may never be indexed at all!


SEO and Content Strategy Order Form

*Includes a comprehensive competitors' analysis, monthly website audit, content strategy, monthly performance report **Includes competitors analysis with content/topic planning for 3-6 months ***Website audit is up to 100 pages. For more pages please use the Custom Services Quote Form below
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A content template will remove the guesswork as to the recommended length of your content for a particular keyword. This is based on the top 10 rivals. For all you know, you only need a 500-word article for IRS Representation yet 2000 words for a Payroll Services content. Without this information, you could be ordering a 3000-word article unnecessarily, or conversely, your 2000 word article is not enough.  We recommend a content template for every article, so that you order what you need based on guided competitive information. Use the form below:

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